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How We Think

Topspin Content brings a unique vision into a brave new world of television and film.  In this constantly changing landscape, with an almost limitless amount of options to choose what to watch and when to watch it, viewers are demanding more of the content they see on all platforms. 

The truth is the bar has been raised and it’s up to us as filmmakers to meet this challenge. Our vision at Topspin is to do just that. Through a thoughtful process we choose provocative and entertaining content that meets the demands of viewers and has established us as a unique voice in the world. Our mission is to stand-out as sensitive collaborators who create top quality content. 

First and foremost we pride ourselves as being  storytellers and filmmakers.  In so doing, we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to tell a story.  Our long term vision is to inspire other filmmakers to join us in a storytelling revolution.


As filmmakers and artists our diverse lives and work experiences have led us to the place we are today and we are positioned to become a force in the industry. We are excited to share our collective experiences to build long lasting relationships with buyers and filmmakers that will lead to significant success.  As executers of content we believe our combined forty plus years of experience and our unique voice sets us apart from our competitors.


Ultimately our goal is to be profitable through excellence so we can continue to tell the stories that the world wants to hear.